Where Do Electric Cars Go ?


The first electric vehicle will in fact bring us back in 1834. By now it makes already 175 years that the first electric vehicle had been conceived. Nowadays, what is generating so much interest and urge in the production for electric vehicles is the environmental issues. Media is focusing greatly on the global warming aspect which is bringing electric vehicles to be seen differently. These cars use an alternative source of energy emitting less carbon monoxide. The manufacturers show a real passion for the production of electric vehicles. The motor show in Los Angeles has honored the production of these electric vehicles.

You will find it surprising though that it has not been any of these electric cars that has received the prize for the least polluting car. There’s no grudge against electric cars but no matter what, the prices of the so polluting called cars are cheaper than the electric cars. Anyway, it would not be something of common sense to say that electric vehicles do not pollute the atmosphere. The media keeps focusing that electric cars do not pollute the atmosphere but many won’t agree upon it for they still have carbon monoxide release even if it is of a low percentage.

The price is most unexpected. The prices of the electric vehicles are comparatively twice than the normal polluting cars. For instance, the single seat Lumeneo Smera has been sold at $33,000. It accommodates only one person, that is the driver, and still its price is so expensive. Anyone would have chosen to get another car than this particular electric car. In addition, if the battery gets damaged, the driver will have to get another battery at 12000 Euros. It might be that the price will be falling as from 2020 but it is still far away. It is simply incredible the prices that they are selling these electric cars. This may result in a loss to the electric car manufacturers.

By luck, there are some governments who are offering subsidies to consumers. One of them, the American government, who is showing much concern about the environmental issues, is subsidizing the consumers as from $4000 to $10000 on the electric cars that they are purchasing. It will take time to cover up the market but however it is clear that it is coming up in the near future.