Volkswagen Polo Blue Motion


Volkswagen which has since long endorsed the birth of an automotive team with Porsche is yet taking orders from Europe for its new Polo Blue Motion in Europe. However, you will find it surprising that the producers as well as the consumers aren’t paying any attention to electric cars. The main focus is providing an eco friendly car. Much emphasis has been put since long on electric cars for preventing global warming but the Volkswagen Group has come with another car contributing to the cause but not an electric one.The Polo Blue Motion is in fact less polluting that the hybrid Toyota Prius. This will be a point that adds to how Volkswagen Porsche has been able to overtake the said largest car manufacturer Toyota. This particular car had been presented at the Geneva Motor Show some nine months back. Many people showed much interest and impatience for driving the car. The particulars of this little jewel are that it bears 3 cylinders, 1.2 liter, and TDI diesel. The difference that this new Blue Motion reserves to its drivers is that the consumption of the fuel will diminish by twenty two percent. Yet the car will show a horse power of 73.8. No matter what, this new Blue Motion does show innovation in its engine and fuel consumption. As such, Volkswagen is even getting orders from Europe. They have really amazed many drivers with their concept car that they had presented months away.

Still, it is not the only things that the car offers to the driver. The car is in no way an electric car but it is being seen as an eco-friendly green car. It also has a system for recovering braking energy. The rate of the CO2 emission is even slightly lower to than of a Toyota Prius. It somehow will make those producers, who were tagging only electric cars for green cars have a new point of view and perhaps new ideas.