Smart ForTwo ED: soon on the road


Before the end of 2009 you will see the Smart ForTwo ED (Electric Drive), the all-electric version of the Smart in several major cities in Europe and the United States. In any case this group has announced that Daimler is leading this project of green vehicles. Production should begin in November this year in the Smart plant in Hambach located in Lorraine. Even if the car will be manufactured in France, it’s the Germans who will be the first to see it on their roads. Indeed, Daimler announced that initially the Smart ForTwo ED will be offered for rent to the few privileged ones in the city of Berlin. Then Daimler intends to extend its program of leasing in several other cities in Europe and the United States. As for the sale of the Smart fortwo ED to the general public, it is scheduled for 2012.

This little car will surely interest all fans of the clean car, because it is fully electric. By this we mean that the Smart ForTwo ED has no gasoline engine, not even to recharge the battery, which makes this car a true zero emission vehicle. Even without a combustion engine the Smart Displays more than respectable performance. Indeed, with its engine producing 30KW Smart ForTwo ED has a top speed of 100Km / h (the maximum speed is limited by the manufacturer) for a range of 115Km. The only small flaw as I have noted on this car is that it does not have fast charge mode. Thus, to fully recharge the Lithium-ion battery from Tesla Motors, it will take overnight. However, we note that 3-hour charge will allow the smart an electric autonomy which varies between 30 to 40 km.

This little Smart ForTwo ED is a quite interesting car, because it’s a Mercedes (which is owned by Daimler AG), which in itself is a guarantee of quality and we must also admit that we do not see every day an electric car that offers a range of more than 100Km.