Diabline Innovep


Innovep is actually a small company which has started gaining great value in the field of electric vehicles. It is indeed a specialist in electric cars. We are not so far from its creation date; Innovep was created nine years from now by its founder, Dominique Camaly. The whole idea was marketing professional electric vehicles to consumers and they have succeeded in doing so. They had in mind that the environmental issue about global warming and did see a better future with less pollution with these released products. It is already in the year 1999 that Mr. Dominique Camaly released his first command with all the required knowledge and it seems today a very long way that they travelled.

Yet with all these interest for the environment, electric cars have a different and interesting part to play in its commercialization. This is a part that Innovep has well taken in consideration. They have well targeted this particular market in comparison to other individuals.

The Flagship for Innovep was initially grounded in Rodez being the Diabline. The whole concept that they have put forward with the Diabline has shown the Diabline with very useful utilities and it has not remained just a simple vehicle. It can be used as a vehicle for travelling from different urban parts and there are yet many other places where it has proved useful. You can easily spot these Diablines in different part of the world.

The Diabline shows itself in a rather different way than the other electric cars. The main dashing features of the Diabline are the latter being robust and scalable. The Diabline is a flexible vehicle. However, Innovep doesn’t want to stand just in the Diabline’s production for they see further than this simple commercial and passenger transport vehicle.

You will be able to see this little piece of jewel on the forthcoming display in Paris which will normally be on the 17th November. You will be able to view its shelf load capability of 625 kg with the capability to sleep 6 persons. It also contains autonomy of 60 km normally moving at a speed of 55 kilometers per hour. What you will be impressed with will be the 0 g/km C02 emission and the space it occupies, just 3.79×1.52 meters square.

GM Cadillac Coupe Converj


A Great Start For GM Cadillac Coupe Converj

As you must have noticed through the news, the US Auto Industry is not making so good money. The reality is that the industry has been hit considerably by the financial crisis and it is not something unexpected that even General Motors would have been a victim and could have closed its company due to these situations. It has been a pure luck that the actual government of Obama has invested in their company hence preventing them to close down. There are many who will be surprised with the new release of GM. It has been set for next year; GM will release the Volt which will be commercialized under the Chevrolet trademark.

The latest news that will be attracting the attention of many will be the release of a new electric car that will in fact be grounded on the chassis of the actual volt. The propulsion method has been tested and placed in only a car. The implementation of the propulsion system in another car will be a great idea.

They are enthusiast for carrying forward with the setting up of the Cadillac Converj. The Converj has been well appreciated by many members of the public while being presented at Detroit for the first time and the Cadillac seems to reserve many more surprises.

The whole concept of the Converj Cadillac appears to be taking an aggressive look but keeping the sense of a luxury car. It bears the features of a sports car with the two large doors. While having a look at the Cadillac Converj, I found it a little weird why the back wheels were larger than the front ones but finally understood the finest tactic from the part of the designers. Just genious but the ones that were going to be sold in the stores would be conventional models. These actual ones will not be the final models. The propulsion system assures a high speed.

Myers Motors NMG 2


It is obvious that the competition in the field on the small sized electric cars is getting tighter and tighter. In reality, there are lots of small electric cars that are under development and yet so many have already seen the light of the day. One of these cars is the NMG and has already been commercialized on the specific market. The most amazing feature is that you will still be able to get along with this car even if it is of smaller size. The driver will be the only person that the car will be able to accommodate. This is actually a disadvantage of the NMG and this is the reason why Myers Motors is working upon a two seat place of the NMG for the motorists.

The NMG2 will bring up a similar model while assuring the performance of the car to stay at the same level. The NMG2 has been relooked compared to the previous NMG. It looks more like a real car that the other one. I believe that it will please everyone for the model is now more class.

The NMG2 has still kept the top speed of 120 km per hour which is simply superb. The acceleration has been well reviewed from a horse power of more than 30. It has been announced by Myers Motors that the battery will be a Lithium Ion one and it has been said that it will be a different one from the NMG model. It seems to hide some surprises within it.

At the time that everyone is waiting impatiently for driving this three wheel car, preorders have already been accepted with a deposit of 250 dollars. Nevertheless, the final price of the NMG2 has not been set and the price still remains unknown. The expected price should be below $22000.

Lumeneo Smera 2010 is coming


The Smera of trademark Lumeno is advancing with an incredible pace since it has been presented as just a simple concept some time before. In reality, the car will be already put on sales during the year 2010 according to the information provided on its official site. Well, you must be thinking of not missing its launching at all. Yes, you are right. You should not be missing its launching which is supposed to be done at Paris. They have recently opened a new branch at the 16th arrondissement in Paris. What is exciting about this particular branch is that you will be able to make test drives too. The car models exposed there are really amazing.

This small electric car, the Smera, has a design that has been well conceived mixing the physical aspects of a scooter and a car and bringing only two seats, one for the driver and the other for a passenger. If you see a Smera, don’t believe that it is just a simple car. It has different hidden features that permit it to carry longer distances at a constant speed. The secret will be its different concept. For example, it will be able to pour at corners to 25 degrees and hence not decelerating the car. The design has well been worked upon to bring it to a somehow similar look of a Land Glider. The Smera brings the second seat to the back of the driver’s seat. You will be amazed by the design of the car and I believe instantly get interested in it.

The Smera performance remains to the same level as the best of the electric cars and it will be able to reach a maximum speed of 150 kilometers per hour. Its engine will surprisingly be of of 30W and its weight will be of only 450 kilos. However the car being small in size will reserve only 40 horse power.

Normally, it has been set that the production of the Smera will start in January 2010 and anyone will be able to make a test drive of the car in July of the same year at the showroom found in between Victor Hugo and Porte Maillot.


Audi E-Tron


Frankfurt Reveales Jewel

Audi, this particular German car manufacturer, has been making gossips about its designs all over the world since 1899. Many would still remember the famous August Horch who made the first production batch in 1901. So ‘LISTEN’ friends, the revelation has in fact been in Frankfurt. The new model that they presented was amazing. No one will be able so say the contrary. The E-Tron has once more showed that Audi still possesses the same innovative and genius minds to bring new and better car models. The car brought to the eyes of all the people at Frankfurt born passion in the hearts of all these drivers. No one would be surprised if we said technology instead of the Audi trademark. The company really deserves it.

The E-Tron shows itself to be a complete electric car with the best sportive design that drivers could have seen over the previous released electric cars from other companies. In comparison Audi model cars have since long been dominating the market. The car bears 4 electric motors which really makes the difference. Nevertheless, the top speed has been restricted to 200km/h for safety precautions. Its battery shows a storage capacity of approximatively 53 kilowatt hours. Audi has come up with an unexpected electric car that has surprised everyone. This little red piece of jewel’s technology has been funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research and reflects much work.

All the drivers who have looked at the car and its interior design too should be impatiently waiting for the car to get on the road. But there has been no such date that has been specified for its first batch release but it has been heard that its steering wheel will be under the hands by 2012. The features bring the driver to a revolutionary car. It bears an analog speedometer providing more than simple speed information. The Etron bears MMI functions but what is better is its touch sensitive surface for it. That’s simple but ingenious. Its gadgets present in the cockpit section will make the driver addicted.

Well, from what the German company is talking about, it seems that there are lots of surprises to come. It seems that the E-Tron is only part of the whole new range of complete electric cars. It could be that the R8 that they are developing will be at the near end competing directly with the Tesla Roadster. All these remain to be seen.


Where Do Electric Cars Go ?


The first electric vehicle will in fact bring us back in 1834. By now it makes already 175 years that the first electric vehicle had been conceived. Nowadays, what is generating so much interest and urge in the production for electric vehicles is the environmental issues. Media is focusing greatly on the global warming aspect which is bringing electric vehicles to be seen differently. These cars use an alternative source of energy emitting less carbon monoxide. The manufacturers show a real passion for the production of electric vehicles. The motor show in Los Angeles has honored the production of these electric vehicles.

You will find it surprising though that it has not been any of these electric cars that has received the prize for the least polluting car. There’s no grudge against electric cars but no matter what, the prices of the so polluting called cars are cheaper than the electric cars. Anyway, it would not be something of common sense to say that electric vehicles do not pollute the atmosphere. The media keeps focusing that electric cars do not pollute the atmosphere but many won’t agree upon it for they still have carbon monoxide release even if it is of a low percentage.

The price is most unexpected. The prices of the electric vehicles are comparatively twice than the normal polluting cars. For instance, the single seat Lumeneo Smera has been sold at $33,000. It accommodates only one person, that is the driver, and still its price is so expensive. Anyone would have chosen to get another car than this particular electric car. In addition, if the battery gets damaged, the driver will have to get another battery at 12000 Euros. It might be that the price will be falling as from 2020 but it is still far away. It is simply incredible the prices that they are selling these electric cars. This may result in a loss to the electric car manufacturers.

By luck, there are some governments who are offering subsidies to consumers. One of them, the American government, who is showing much concern about the environmental issues, is subsidizing the consumers as from $4000 to $10000 on the electric cars that they are purchasing. It will take time to cover up the market but however it is clear that it is coming up in the near future.

Volkswagen Polo Blue Motion


Volkswagen which has since long endorsed the birth of an automotive team with Porsche is yet taking orders from Europe for its new Polo Blue Motion in Europe. However, you will find it surprising that the producers as well as the consumers aren’t paying any attention to electric cars. The main focus is providing an eco friendly car. Much emphasis has been put since long on electric cars for preventing global warming but the Volkswagen Group has come with another car contributing to the cause but not an electric one.The Polo Blue Motion is in fact less polluting that the hybrid Toyota Prius. This will be a point that adds to how Volkswagen Porsche has been able to overtake the said largest car manufacturer Toyota. This particular car had been presented at the Geneva Motor Show some nine months back. Many people showed much interest and impatience for driving the car. The particulars of this little jewel are that it bears 3 cylinders, 1.2 liter, and TDI diesel. The difference that this new Blue Motion reserves to its drivers is that the consumption of the fuel will diminish by twenty two percent. Yet the car will show a horse power of 73.8. No matter what, this new Blue Motion does show innovation in its engine and fuel consumption. As such, Volkswagen is even getting orders from Europe. They have really amazed many drivers with their concept car that they had presented months away.

Still, it is not the only things that the car offers to the driver. The car is in no way an electric car but it is being seen as an eco-friendly green car. It also has a system for recovering braking energy. The rate of the CO2 emission is even slightly lower to than of a Toyota Prius. It somehow will make those producers, who were tagging only electric cars for green cars have a new point of view and perhaps new ideas.

Get Your Electric Car !


The vehicles that are coming to the surface in the forthcoming years will obviously be different and it is an undisputable point that diesel cars are sure to become extinct. The world is showing a new interest in electric cars and giving more importance to them. It will not take too much time for electric cars to invade the world completely. The electric cars should be already seen in 2010. Instead of those diesel stations, we would be seeing a completely different loading terminal that will be bringing great benefits to planet Earth.

The concept of the electric cars is being seen as a complete revolution from the part of the manufacturers. Despite the fact that electric cars don’t have a proper market, most car producers are investing on electric cars.

They are investing widely on electric car research and jumping to provide their products to the consumers. They are not losing any time to bring forward numerous concept cars. In reality, a research carried by the Pike Research shows that the evolution of electric cars is growing faster than expected. Electric cars are being conceived and presented to consumers rapidly.

Nevertheless, the report by Pike Research also shows that the hybrid cars have the largest benefits and shares upon the whole market. No one does see a purely electric car for the simple reason that it will be too expensive and no consumer will be able to afford purchasing it. Just imagine the price of an electric battery and the cost for its maintenance. It is not something impossible but too expensive. It doesn’t restrict manufacturers however to carry out researches on a solely electric car and how they could cut cost upon it.

Even if many drivers are driving a diesel fuel vehicle nowadays, it will be electric cars that they will be driving in the future years. This is inevitable. These cars emitting less Co2 will surely surprise the world. The variety of electric and hybrid cars that have already been put on the market are already stunning drivers and making them wonder. It is a good thing that so many companies are working hard on electric cars for they ensure a competition. This competition will help in maintaining a low price.

For the present time, the demand for these cars is slight but as time will pass by, the demand will increase. I believe that the ones who will be able to purchase the first cars will be rich guys and if the demand is considerable, this will add to the price to get down. Hold on guys, don’t rush, you will have your electric car too!

Lexus LF-CH Hybrid


Lexus is actually a branch of the Toyota Motor Company which has been putting forward a series of concept cars but this time it has been the Lexus LF (Lexus Future)-CH. The car had been exposed at the last motor show in Los Angeles and it was a really disastrous performance that was shown. Well this particular hybrid car yet needs to be closely watched. The Toyota market has in fact put great emphasis on the luxury part of the car. I believe that it is something normal since the Lexus division works on luxury cars. They use advanced technologies and instrumentation which brings to the consumer a different product. The Lexus LF-CH will be produced in a limited quota and it seems that the producer is following the same steps of his predecessors; BMW 1 Series and Audi A3. Well, what must have struck the drivers has been the look of the Lexus LF-CH.

The aggressive look displayed adds to the powerful personality and at the same time keep the lines dynamic. The close golden color is not so attracting though and doesn’t suit any car, whether sports car or a luxury car. There might be some of the drivers who will like it but it will only depend on the personal taste. The designers surely wanted to bring an aggressive look to the hybrid car but the color has not well been chosen. The aggressive look has however well been put forward and the car has a great appearance.

The Lexus LF-CH doesn’t stop on its aggressive look but the engines do roar. The car has a really powerful performance. The Frankfurt Motor Show revealed the car for the first time showing the possibility for electric car mode and hybrid mode too.

This particular car of 2.4L engine with 4 cylinders will have a price tag of $35000. It is seen that the Lexus LF-CH will be on the market in 2011. The price is not so expensive and it will of course prove itself on the roads.