Norman White builds up his own electric car


You have some extra money and time? This guy does and this has allowed him to get on a challenge to himself. Norman White, thirty nine years old lives in Missisipi. What will be surprising to you readers is that the guy has built his own electric car. Yet he works on air conditioning. It should have been hard for this guy to do it however, over a year. The car entirely depends on electricity to move.

His electric car is basically a Suzuki Samourai that he obtained for 1200 bucks. He obtained the batteries easily since they are club cars’ batteries. There is another electric battery that he had to purchase from a store. Then he simply fixed them up in the car. It seems easy? Well it was not so easy for Norman White. Before that he fixed these batteries to this particular Suzuki Samourai, he had made attempts with many other kinds of cars. He finally realized that this was the best adaptable car.

There are many people who believe that making your own electric car is something expensive since the ones that are being presented cost some 60 000 Euros. Yet Norman White admits that it is really cheap. He should have spent less than 3500 dollars over all on the creation of the electric car.

Norman White says that his electric car is not exceptional even if he seems to be among the first ones to own one. He says that it is just a golf club car. Since he is driving this car, he has stopped using gasoline and the speed that it reaches is to some 70 kilometers per hour. Norman White is satisfied with this speed and doesn’t complain about the situation since price of gasoline seems ever rising.

There are many enthusiast drivers who would like to have such an electric car not only for a greener world but also for saving money that they spend on gasoline. However, the electric cars that the big companies are selling are expensive. Well, if you want to own an electric car as him, just don’t worry, you can do so. Don’t forget to get a guide though for not messing all of it.