Myers Motors NMG 2


It is obvious that the competition in the field on the small sized electric cars is getting tighter and tighter. In reality, there are lots of small electric cars that are under development and yet so many have already seen the light of the day. One of these cars is the NMG and has already been commercialized on the specific market. The most amazing feature is that you will still be able to get along with this car even if it is of smaller size. The driver will be the only person that the car will be able to accommodate. This is actually a disadvantage of the NMG and this is the reason why Myers Motors is working upon a two seat place of the NMG for the motorists.

The NMG2 will bring up a similar model while assuring the performance of the car to stay at the same level. The NMG2 has been relooked compared to the previous NMG. It looks more like a real car that the other one. I believe that it will please everyone for the model is now more class.

The NMG2 has still kept the top speed of 120 km per hour which is simply superb. The acceleration has been well reviewed from a horse power of more than 30. It has been announced by Myers Motors that the battery will be a Lithium Ion one and it has been said that it will be a different one from the NMG model. It seems to hide some surprises within it.

At the time that everyone is waiting impatiently for driving this three wheel car, preorders have already been accepted with a deposit of 250 dollars. Nevertheless, the final price of the NMG2 has not been set and the price still remains unknown. The expected price should be below $22000.