Lumeneo Smera 2010 is coming


The Smera of trademark Lumeno is advancing with an incredible pace since it has been presented as just a simple concept some time before. In reality, the car will be already put on sales during the year 2010 according to the information provided on its official site. Well, you must be thinking of not missing its launching at all. Yes, you are right. You should not be missing its launching which is supposed to be done at Paris. They have recently opened a new branch at the 16th arrondissement in Paris. What is exciting about this particular branch is that you will be able to make test drives too. The car models exposed there are really amazing.

This small electric car, the Smera, has a design that has been well conceived mixing the physical aspects of a scooter and a car and bringing only two seats, one for the driver and the other for a passenger. If you see a Smera, don’t believe that it is just a simple car. It has different hidden features that permit it to carry longer distances at a constant speed. The secret will be its different concept. For example, it will be able to pour at corners to 25 degrees and hence not decelerating the car. The design has well been worked upon to bring it to a somehow similar look of a Land Glider. The Smera brings the second seat to the back of the driver’s seat. You will be amazed by the design of the car and I believe instantly get interested in it.

The Smera performance remains to the same level as the best of the electric cars and it will be able to reach a maximum speed of 150 kilometers per hour. Its engine will surprisingly be of of 30W and its weight will be of only 450 kilos. However the car being small in size will reserve only 40 horse power.

Normally, it has been set that the production of the Smera will start in January 2010 and anyone will be able to make a test drive of the car in July of the same year at the showroom found in between Victor Hugo and Porte Maillot.