Lexus LF-CH Hybrid


Lexus is actually a branch of the Toyota Motor Company which has been putting forward a series of concept cars but this time it has been the Lexus LF (Lexus Future)-CH. The car had been exposed at the last motor show in Los Angeles and it was a really disastrous performance that was shown. Well this particular hybrid car yet needs to be closely watched. The Toyota market has in fact put great emphasis on the luxury part of the car. I believe that it is something normal since the Lexus division works on luxury cars. They use advanced technologies and instrumentation which brings to the consumer a different product. The Lexus LF-CH will be produced in a limited quota and it seems that the producer is following the same steps of his predecessors; BMW 1 Series and Audi A3. Well, what must have struck the drivers has been the look of the Lexus LF-CH.

The aggressive look displayed adds to the powerful personality and at the same time keep the lines dynamic. The close golden color is not so attracting though and doesn’t suit any car, whether sports car or a luxury car. There might be some of the drivers who will like it but it will only depend on the personal taste. The designers surely wanted to bring an aggressive look to the hybrid car but the color has not well been chosen. The aggressive look has however well been put forward and the car has a great appearance.

The Lexus LF-CH doesn’t stop on its aggressive look but the engines do roar. The car has a really powerful performance. The Frankfurt Motor Show revealed the car for the first time showing the possibility for electric car mode and hybrid mode too.

This particular car of 2.4L engine with 4 cylinders will have a price tag of $35000. It is seen that the Lexus LF-CH will be on the market in 2011. The price is not so expensive and it will of course prove itself on the roads.