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Kids Electric Car

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Kids electric car is less expensive than a big car for adult :-) These are Toys that you can buy for their Birthday or at Christmas. Your child will very happy to drive one of these mini cars with his/her girlfriend/boyfriend!

Amazon.com is offering a good choice of kids electric cars.

Kids Electric Car

Electric cars for kids look almost the same as the adult version. Many of these cars for kids have lights and a pretend radio with music that’s pre-recorded. Kids like to drive fast so some electric cars go from 3-5 mph. Electric cars are great for kids to use their imagination and pretend they are driving places just like a grown-up. Many electric cars have a pretend key that will activate engine sounds or turn the dashboard lights on. One example of an electric car is the Ferrari Enzo. This is one of the electric cars for kids that comes with a leather seat, electric horn, rubber tires, 2 forward speeds and one reverse speed and even an adult controlled speed limiter. A red sports electric car for kids has vacu-form plastic exteriors, rubber tires and is foot accelerated. This car has a speed of 2.5 mph. 

Another type of electric cars for kids is the Silver BMW-Style 6 Volt Electric Sport car. This car is for 3 year olds and the maximum rider height is 36 inches tall and maximum rider weight is 65 lbs. It has a 6 volt electric motor and a charger is included. This car is also foot operated and has replica alloy wheels. The average speed is 2.5 mph. You can also buy an electric car for kids that are made specifically for either boys or girls. A battery electric car for boys is the classic 12 volt jeep called the Predator. This jeep has adjustable seats so children can ride in it up to age seven. There are two powerful 22 watt motors in this jeep and two rechargeable batteries. The charger is included. Girls will love a pink princess girls jeep for ages 3 to 7 years old. This girl’s jeep also has two powerful 22 watt motors and has a top speed of 6 km/h. It also has two speed forward and reverse gears. You can buy jeep covers to protect your child’s jeep. Electric for kids comes in many more styles.

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