Insight vs Prius Challenge


Toyota Prius has long been the full hybrid electric mid size car which in reality was first sold in Japan in 1997. The Toyota Company will then attempt and succeed in a large scale production. Nowadays, this kind of car can be found in more than 40 countries and hence Toyota achieved monopolizing the market for it. It has been really a long period of time but now times have changed. There’s actually really tight competition arising from this industry. These Prius cars were being driven by most of the ecologist to show what impact pollution really has on the planet. You will also notice that there are many Hollywood super stars like Brad Pitt and the famous Indiana Jones who have a Prius instead of the other normal cars. The Toyota Company had a definite advantage on its consumers concerning the prices. They could fix the highest price possible and yet the Prius would still be sold for Toyota was then the sole producer of electric hybrid cars. This is what happens when there is monopoly. However, it is not going to be the same in future. The Honda Company has stood up in competition with its launching of the Honda Insight. It is somehow similar to the Prius.

The Honda Company has successfully hit to the right place, the price, this particular car can be obtained under 20,000 bucks. The car in itself grounds on a FCX concept. The new car launched is equipped with climate control, power windows, locks and six airbags. However what is essential is that there are two kinds of propulsion in it. It is a bonus for the drivers, a gasoline engine relay. If you hear someone talking about the “Prius Killer”, don’t believe that it is a newer one, it is how the Honda Insight is being called. According to the road tests that have been carried out on the launched car, the latter is being seen as more flexible in contrast to the Prius. The speed of the Insight has an ultimate horse power of 98 which reaches to 80 horses.

What is actually being heard about the whole thing is that the Honda Insight has been a replica driven from the Toyota Prius which is leading them into clear competition. There might be some differences but the main aspects of the car have been duplicated. The Honda Company however absolutely denies it. They affirm that the two different cars’ models might seem similar for only one reason. The reason put forward is that more Aerodynamics results in less energy consumption. Even if the Insight has come in direct competition with the Prius, Toyota doesn’t seem affected. The figures of Insight sales are inferior to those of the Prius model. It might be surprising if you see the real figures of sales comparatively. There have been only 10210 Honda Insights that have been sold in contrast with the Prius which has already reached the peak of 27712 cars. However the lap of time that Honda has made so many sales has been short and Honda could get more of its cars sold. Relating to the sales, the competition may seem lose but it is tightening up gradually as days are passing by.