GM Cadillac Coupe Converj


A Great Start For GM Cadillac Coupe Converj

As you must have noticed through the news, the US Auto Industry is not making so good money. The reality is that the industry has been hit considerably by the financial crisis and it is not something unexpected that even General Motors would have been a victim and could have closed its company due to these situations. It has been a pure luck that the actual government of Obama has invested in their company hence preventing them to close down. There are many who will be surprised with the new release of GM. It has been set for next year; GM will release the Volt which will be commercialized under the Chevrolet trademark.

The latest news that will be attracting the attention of many will be the release of a new electric car that will in fact be grounded on the chassis of the actual volt. The propulsion method has been tested and placed in only a car. The implementation of the propulsion system in another car will be a great idea.

They are enthusiast for carrying forward with the setting up of the Cadillac Converj. The Converj has been well appreciated by many members of the public while being presented at Detroit for the first time and the Cadillac seems to reserve many more surprises.

The whole concept of the Converj Cadillac appears to be taking an aggressive look but keeping the sense of a luxury car. It bears the features of a sports car with the two large doors. While having a look at the Cadillac Converj, I found it a little weird why the back wheels were larger than the front ones but finally understood the finest tactic from the part of the designers. Just genious but the ones that were going to be sold in the stores would be conventional models. These actual ones will not be the final models. The propulsion system assures a high speed.