Fisker Karma PHEV


The Fisker Automotive Company of California has put forward his sole existing product which is none other that the popular Fisker Karma. Personally its structure is different from the other Hybrid Electric cars. I find it really too good. This particular wonder has shown itself on the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca tracks. It was being driven by the CEO of the Fisker Company himself for a demonstration. It was a treat that he did to himself. There are really thousands of car lovers who have a real passion for the car design.

In addition to this demonstration, the car had shown itself to reach a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour. What is surprising is that the car design has been done by the CEO himself, Mr. Henrik Fisker. He is ingenious since he is considered as a leading automobile designer. Among his previous creations, you will find the Aston Martin DB9 and the BMW Z8. He has a creative mind out of the world. It was a pity that the Fisker Karma couldn’t do a second lap last Sunday. The Fisker Karma is a wonder and still many people around the world didn’t realize it when it was first presented as a concept car last year.

The Karma Fisker is of course a car which has been pushed to its limits with its superb design. Yet behind its body, it hides 22 inch rims, two engines under the hood, low centre gravity and more. The horse power of these engines sums up to 403 horse power, something that will attract many speed lovers.

The Karma Fisker has not forgotten the gasoline use under a situation where the battery gets down. It is a common thing that is coming together with all the new hybrid electric cars now. However, there’s something different.

If we could run the Karma Fisker properly, according to these two engines, it should reach 100 kilometers per hour under a 6 seconds lapse. They have announced that it has many new attributes compared to the other cars. A double consumption of energy may allow this particular car to reach a range of 480 kilometers. It will be relatively cheap to obtain such a wonder, just some 62 thousand Euros.