Diabline Innovep


Innovep is actually a small company which has started gaining great value in the field of electric vehicles. It is indeed a specialist in electric cars. We are not so far from its creation date; Innovep was created nine years from now by its founder, Dominique Camaly. The whole idea was marketing professional electric vehicles to consumers and they have succeeded in doing so. They had in mind that the environmental issue about global warming and did see a better future with less pollution with these released products. It is already in the year 1999 that Mr. Dominique Camaly released his first command with all the required knowledge and it seems today a very long way that they travelled.

Yet with all these interest for the environment, electric cars have a different and interesting part to play in its commercialization. This is a part that Innovep has well taken in consideration. They have well targeted this particular market in comparison to other individuals.

The Flagship for Innovep was initially grounded in Rodez being the Diabline. The whole concept that they have put forward with the Diabline has shown the Diabline with very useful utilities and it has not remained just a simple vehicle. It can be used as a vehicle for travelling from different urban parts and there are yet many other places where it has proved useful. You can easily spot these Diablines in different part of the world.

The Diabline shows itself in a rather different way than the other electric cars. The main dashing features of the Diabline are the latter being robust and scalable. The Diabline is a flexible vehicle. However, Innovep doesn’t want to stand just in the Diabline’s production for they see further than this simple commercial and passenger transport vehicle.

You will be able to see this little piece of jewel on the forthcoming display in Paris which will normally be on the 17th November. You will be able to view its shelf load capability of 625 kg with the capability to sleep 6 persons. It also contains autonomy of 60 km normally moving at a speed of 55 kilometers per hour. What you will be impressed with will be the 0 g/km C02 emission and the space it occupies, just 3.79×1.52 meters square.