Scarab Electric Police Car Concept

Scarab is an electric police concept car by Carl Archambeault. It’s a semi-autonomous car, robot electric vehicle. Every year : 30 000 police chases, 7500 injuries and 300 fatalities. Scarab is the solution. 100 % electric car.

Honda U3-X electric Personal Mobility Device

Honda U3 X can support 100 kg, has a 6 km/h speed and weights only 10 kg. Autonomy range: 1 hour right now, via a lithium-ion battery. Dimensions: Length×Width×Height (mm): 315×160×650

Honda CRZ : Photos Videos

Honda CRZ Specs : – 1.5-liter SOHC i-VTEC 4-cylinder engine with Integrated Motor Assist (IMA)– 122 horsepower (estimated) @ 6000 rpm (combined engine + IMA)– 128 lb-ft. of torque (estimated) @ 1,000 – 1,500 rpm (123 lb-ft. for CVT), (combined engine + IMA)– AT-PZEV CARB Emissions Rating– EPA Estimated Fuel Economy, CVT (City/Highway/Combined): 35/39/37 miles per … Continue reading "Honda CRZ : Photos Videos"

Land Rover Range Rover PHEV Hybrid

Land Rover (belongs to Tata Motors since 2008) launched its PHEV plug-in Hybrid Land Rover Range Rover for 2013. Charging time: 20 minutes. Range_ e in electric mode: 20 miles at 70 mph with a top speed of 120 mph.

Renault Zero Emission Vehicles

Renault is preparing the ground for the arrival of its electric cars Fluence, ZOE, Twizy and Kangoo ZE in France. And to educate the public about the electric car, what better than making an ad (from Publicis) that denigrates the shock gasoline engines, synonymous with pollution. Will this be enough to launch electric cars in … Continue reading "Renault Zero Emission Vehicles"

New Tesla Roadster 2.5

Here comes the new Tesla Roadster 2.5. This is more a minor upgrade than a new car : instant torque, superior handling, elite construction, zero emissions, fast in any climate, built around the driver, and a new styling.

Pininfarina Nido EV

From Bluecar italian designer Pininfarina, here is the NIDO EV, a City Electric Car. 30 kW Electric motor. Max Speed 80 mph. Batteries: Zebra (Nickel Sel) technology. Electric Range : 90 miles. Charging time: 8 hours.

Renault DeZir

Renault DeZir Photos : Renault DeZir concept coming at 2010 Paris Auto Show. Designed by Laurens van den Acker.Rear Electric motor, 150 HP (110kW) and 226 Nm torque. 0 to 60 mph in only 5 seconds to reach a max speed of 112 mph. Battery : Lithium Ion at rear. Electric driving range : 100 miles … Continue reading "Renault DeZir"

Revenge of the Electric Car

After « Who Killed the Electric Car ? », Chris Paine is back with a new documentary movie : Revenge of the Electric car. It’s all about the rebirth of an entire automotive industry. You can also send your revenge stories and if they are cool, may be they will be included in the movie. … Continue reading "Revenge of the Electric Car"


The Ewee-PT is on sale at 799 euros. Max speed: 10 mph and drive range : 5 miles. More info on german creator