Daftar Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya di Tahun 2020

Daftar Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya di Tahun 2020

Daftar Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya di Tahun 2020 – Begitu banyak para pemain judi yang bermain Slot, akan tetapi tidak semuanya saat ini bermain pada tempat yang paling benar dan pastinya juga terpercaya serta aman untuk dimainkan, juga menjaga keamanan data para pemainnya.

Maka dari itu kami ingin merekomendasikan suatu Situs Slot Online yang bisa anda Daftarkan dan bermain. Anda bisa langsung mengunjungi situs http://slotonline.co untuk melakukan Daftar Slot Online tanpa di kenakan biaya 1 rupiahpun untuk membuat user.

Kalian jangan pernah meragukan web kami ini, setiap harinya puluhan member baru mencoba melakukan pendaftaran hanya untuk bermain dengan aman serta mendapatkan extra bonus yang mencapai 200% banyak di bandingkan dengan halaman Judi Slot sebelumnya yang kalian mainkan.

Di tahun 2020 ini, kami memegang rekor terbaik dengan pelayanan paling ramah dan cepat respon serta loding yang cepat untuk mengakses.

Daftar Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya di Tahun 2020 Dengan Provider Terlengkap

Jika biasanya game yang anda mainkan sangatlah terbatas, disini banyak permainan Slot Online yang dapat di pilih dan dimainkan sesuka hati dengan 1 user saja.

Seperti joker123, playtech, dan jenis provider lainnya ada disini, seluruhnya dapat dimainkan dengan menggunakan hp ataupun komputer, laptop.

Gelar Daftar Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya kami dapatkan berkat dukungan kalian dan kerja keras para staff kami, mampu meyakinkan Google bahwa yang pantas menduduki kata pencarian tersebut di halaman 1 dan nomor 1 ialah situs ini.

Sudah saatnya mendaftar sekarang untuk mendapatkan bonus extra 200% bagi para member baru. Jaminan keuntungan besar juga di berikan karena adanya bonus cashback bagi member yang mengalami kekalahan berhak mendapatkannya.

Segala bonus dihitung berdasarkan laporan dan diberikan secara penuh untuk semua member dan juga bonus lainnya yang tertera di halaman web kami.

Sekian informasi tentang Daftar Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya di Tahun 2020 yang bisa kami tulis di dalam artikel ini, dan masi banyak artikel lainnya yang tidak kalah menarik.

Sebelum menutup postingan ini, kami ingin berterimakasih atas dukungannya dan telah mengunjungi halaman ini, jangan lupa ajak teman dan bagikan artikel ini.

Insight vs Prius Challenge


Toyota Prius has long been the full hybrid electric mid size car which in reality was first sold in Japan in 1997. The Toyota Company will then attempt and succeed in a large scale production. Nowadays, this kind of car can be found in more than 40 countries and hence Toyota achieved monopolizing the market for it. It has been really a long period of time but now times have changed. There’s actually really tight competition arising from this industry. These Prius cars were being driven by most of the ecologist to show what impact pollution really has on the planet. You will also notice that there are many Hollywood super stars like Brad Pitt and the famous Indiana Jones who have a Prius instead of the other normal cars. The Toyota Company had a definite advantage on its consumers concerning the prices. They could fix the highest price possible and yet the Prius would still be sold for Toyota was then the sole producer of electric hybrid cars. This is what happens when there is monopoly. However, it is not going to be the same in future. The Honda Company has stood up in competition with its launching of the Honda Insight. It is somehow similar to the Prius.

The Honda Company has successfully hit to the right place, the price, this particular car can be obtained under 20,000 bucks. The car in itself grounds on a FCX concept. The new car launched is equipped with climate control, power windows, locks and six airbags. However what is essential is that there are two kinds of propulsion in it. It is a bonus for the drivers, a gasoline engine relay. If you hear someone talking about the “Prius Killer”, don’t believe that it is a newer one, it is how the Honda Insight is being called. According to the road tests that have been carried out on the launched car, the latter is being seen as more flexible in contrast to the Prius. The speed of the Insight has an ultimate horse power of 98 which reaches to 80 horses.

What is actually being heard about the whole thing is that the Honda Insight has been a replica driven from the Toyota Prius which is leading them into clear competition. There might be some differences but the main aspects of the car have been duplicated. The Honda Company however absolutely denies it. They affirm that the two different cars’ models might seem similar for only one reason. The reason put forward is that more Aerodynamics results in less energy consumption. Even if the Insight has come in direct competition with the Prius, Toyota doesn’t seem affected. The figures of Insight sales are inferior to those of the Prius model. It might be surprising if you see the real figures of sales comparatively. There have been only 10210 Honda Insights that have been sold in contrast with the Prius which has already reached the peak of 27712 cars. However the lap of time that Honda has made so many sales has been short and Honda could get more of its cars sold. Relating to the sales, the competition may seem lose but it is tightening up gradually as days are passing by.

Norman White builds up his own electric car


You have some extra money and time? This guy does and this has allowed him to get on a challenge to himself. Norman White, thirty nine years old lives in Missisipi. What will be surprising to you readers is that the guy has built his own electric car. Yet he works on air conditioning. It should have been hard for this guy to do it however, over a year. The car entirely depends on electricity to move.

His electric car is basically a Suzuki Samourai that he obtained for 1200 bucks. He obtained the batteries easily since they are club cars’ batteries. There is another electric battery that he had to purchase from a store. Then he simply fixed them up in the car. It seems easy? Well it was not so easy for Norman White. Before that he fixed these batteries to this particular Suzuki Samourai, he had made attempts with many other kinds of cars. He finally realized that this was the best adaptable car.

There are many people who believe that making your own electric car is something expensive since the ones that are being presented cost some 60 000 Euros. Yet Norman White admits that it is really cheap. He should have spent less than 3500 dollars over all on the creation of the electric car.

Norman White says that his electric car is not exceptional even if he seems to be among the first ones to own one. He says that it is just a golf club car. Since he is driving this car, he has stopped using gasoline and the speed that it reaches is to some 70 kilometers per hour. Norman White is satisfied with this speed and doesn’t complain about the situation since price of gasoline seems ever rising.

There are many enthusiast drivers who would like to have such an electric car not only for a greener world but also for saving money that they spend on gasoline. However, the electric cars that the big companies are selling are expensive. Well, if you want to own an electric car as him, just don’t worry, you can do so. Don’t forget to get a guide though for not messing all of it.

Fisker Karma PHEV


The Fisker Automotive Company of California has put forward his sole existing product which is none other that the popular Fisker Karma. Personally its structure is different from the other Hybrid Electric cars. I find it really too good. This particular wonder has shown itself on the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca tracks. It was being driven by the CEO of the Fisker Company himself for a demonstration. It was a treat that he did to himself. There are really thousands of car lovers who have a real passion for the car design.

In addition to this demonstration, the car had shown itself to reach a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour. What is surprising is that the car design has been done by the CEO himself, Mr. Henrik Fisker. He is ingenious since he is considered as a leading automobile designer. Among his previous creations, you will find the Aston Martin DB9 and the BMW Z8. He has a creative mind out of the world. It was a pity that the Fisker Karma couldn’t do a second lap last Sunday. The Fisker Karma is a wonder and still many people around the world didn’t realize it when it was first presented as a concept car last year.

The Karma Fisker is of course a car which has been pushed to its limits with its superb design. Yet behind its body, it hides 22 inch rims, two engines under the hood, low centre gravity and more. The horse power of these engines sums up to 403 horse power, something that will attract many speed lovers.

The Karma Fisker has not forgotten the gasoline use under a situation where the battery gets down. It is a common thing that is coming together with all the new hybrid electric cars now. However, there’s something different.

If we could run the Karma Fisker properly, according to these two engines, it should reach 100 kilometers per hour under a 6 seconds lapse. They have announced that it has many new attributes compared to the other cars. A double consumption of energy may allow this particular car to reach a range of 480 kilometers. It will be relatively cheap to obtain such a wonder, just some 62 thousand Euros.

Smart ForTwo ED: soon on the road


Before the end of 2009 you will see the Smart ForTwo ED (Electric Drive), the all-electric version of the Smart in several major cities in Europe and the United States. In any case this group has announced that Daimler is leading this project of green vehicles. Production should begin in November this year in the Smart plant in Hambach located in Lorraine. Even if the car will be manufactured in France, it’s the Germans who will be the first to see it on their roads. Indeed, Daimler announced that initially the Smart ForTwo ED will be offered for rent to the few privileged ones in the city of Berlin. Then Daimler intends to extend its program of leasing in several other cities in Europe and the United States. As for the sale of the Smart fortwo ED to the general public, it is scheduled for 2012.

This little car will surely interest all fans of the clean car, because it is fully electric. By this we mean that the Smart ForTwo ED has no gasoline engine, not even to recharge the battery, which makes this car a true zero emission vehicle. Even without a combustion engine the Smart Displays more than respectable performance. Indeed, with its engine producing 30KW Smart ForTwo ED has a top speed of 100Km / h (the maximum speed is limited by the manufacturer) for a range of 115Km. The only small flaw as I have noted on this car is that it does not have fast charge mode. Thus, to fully recharge the Lithium-ion battery from Tesla Motors, it will take overnight. However, we note that 3-hour charge will allow the smart an electric autonomy which varies between 30 to 40 km.

This little Smart ForTwo ED is a quite interesting car, because it’s a Mercedes (which is owned by Daimler AG), which in itself is a guarantee of quality and we must also admit that we do not see every day an electric car that offers a range of more than 100Km.


SIM-Drive : electric engine in the wheels


The whole story begins with Professor Hiroshi Shimizu of Keio University in Japan. For recall, the father of the famous Eliica, this bizarre electric car showed up a few years ago. This man who has over 30 years of experience in the field of electric cars (he has built no less than eight working prototypes) takes the lead of the conglomerate SIM-DRIVE just launched in August 20. The purpose of this company is the commercial development of a new revolutionary propulsion system. So instead of having a central engine that provides powers the car, SIM-DRIVE provides an engine for each wheel. According to Professor Shimizu, the system ‘can halve the energy required’.


Using this new system of motorized wheels, SIM-DRIVE aims to make an economical car (Luciole – Firefly) which provides a range of 300 km. Professor Shimizu even claims:

“I am confident that with the technology we’ve developed, it will be possible to develop a car which, mass produced, will cost less than 1.5 million yen. ”

With the current exchange rates, 1.5 million yen represents about 11 000 euros. But the car battery is not included in that price. For now, SIM-DRIVE has planned to release a prototype by the end of the year and thinks to achieve a production of 100 000 units by 2013.

Regarding the specifications of this electric car, SIM-DRIVE announces that it will have a range of 300km on a single charge. For the model to be marketed to the general public, rumors are stating that the car could be a compact 5-seater.

SIM-DRIVE has also announced that its project is open source!, As the goal is to improve the technology of electric cars. Thus, the technology developed in this project is freely available to all interested manufacturers. SIM-DRIVE only asks some financial assistance for the ongoing research on this project.

In addition to its electric car project SIM-DRIVE, also has in mind to develop a method to convert cars with internal combustion engine into electric cars.

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Hybrid Turbodiesel


It is sure that the BMW Company has kept some surprises for the forthcoming Frankfurt Motor Show that is being organized by IAA. The Frankfurt Motor Show has actually been scheduled as from the 15th to the 23rd September and of course it will be open to the public. The manufacturers will be at the rendezvous in Monaco for a new revelation. It has been announced by the chairman and CEO of the company, Mr. Helmut Panke, that they will be making the first appearance of their latest hybrid car model, The Vision EficientDynamics concept on that date. What will be different in this particular sports car from the other ones will be its propulsion system. Its energy consumption has proved be really slight and there’s a low CO2 release.

The CEO of BMW has however been brief which depicts clearly that they want it to be a surprise. The real information about this is its latest hybrid will be known in a few days at Monaco. There has been some essential information that has been revealed though.

The propulsion of the car will be accomplished by a diesel engine and in addition two electric engines are present in the car. The Vision EfficientDynamics Concept has been conceived with a turbo diesel engine of three cylinders bringing the car’s horsepower to 163 horses. The two different electric engines will be enclosing 33 horsepower and 80 horsepower respectively. You will be astonished with this model whose horsepower sums up to 356. With all these commodities, the car will easily reach a speed of 100 kilometers within 5 seconds.

The genius who have worked on this piece of wonder are reaching nearer the green world request for they have been able to reduce the CO2 release to a really low percentage which makes less pollution compared to the other cars that already exist. If you take a look at the model of the car, you will instantly fall in love with the model. The model of the car is on one part a picture of a sports car and on the other an elegant one.

The main objectives that have been fulfilled by this particular car have been the low energy consumption for both engines. Once more, the BMW Company has proved more creativity with the recovery of energy while brakes are applied. The fact that the car is equipped with three engines is a great advantage that drivers will have. The consumption of the car has been rounded to 3.7 liters on every 100 kilometers that it will be covering. The car will be recharged within two hours and a half and the owners will not be having too much problem since it can be charged through a conventional wall outlet.


Diabline Innovep


Innovep is actually a small company which has started gaining great value in the field of electric vehicles. It is indeed a specialist in electric cars. We are not so far from its creation date; Innovep was created nine years from now by its founder, Dominique Camaly. The whole idea was marketing professional electric vehicles to consumers and they have succeeded in doing so. They had in mind that the environmental issue about global warming and did see a better future with less pollution with these released products. It is already in the year 1999 that Mr. Dominique Camaly released his first command with all the required knowledge and it seems today a very long way that they travelled.

Yet with all these interest for the environment, electric cars have a different and interesting part to play in its commercialization. This is a part that Innovep has well taken in consideration. They have well targeted this particular market in comparison to other individuals.

The Flagship for Innovep was initially grounded in Rodez being the Diabline. The whole concept that they have put forward with the Diabline has shown the Diabline with very useful utilities and it has not remained just a simple vehicle. It can be used as a vehicle for travelling from different urban parts and there are yet many other places where it has proved useful. You can easily spot these Diablines in different part of the world.

The Diabline shows itself in a rather different way than the other electric cars. The main dashing features of the Diabline are the latter being robust and scalable. The Diabline is a flexible vehicle. However, Innovep doesn’t want to stand just in the Diabline’s production for they see further than this simple commercial and passenger transport vehicle.

You will be able to see this little piece of jewel on the forthcoming display in Paris which will normally be on the 17th November. You will be able to view its shelf load capability of 625 kg with the capability to sleep 6 persons. It also contains autonomy of 60 km normally moving at a speed of 55 kilometers per hour. What you will be impressed with will be the 0 g/km C02 emission and the space it occupies, just 3.79×1.52 meters square.

GM Cadillac Coupe Converj


A Great Start For GM Cadillac Coupe Converj

As you must have noticed through the news, the US Auto Industry is not making so good money. The reality is that the industry has been hit considerably by the financial crisis and it is not something unexpected that even General Motors would have been a victim and could have closed its company due to these situations. It has been a pure luck that the actual government of Obama has invested in their company hence preventing them to close down. There are many who will be surprised with the new release of GM. It has been set for next year; GM will release the Volt which will be commercialized under the Chevrolet trademark.

The latest news that will be attracting the attention of many will be the release of a new electric car that will in fact be grounded on the chassis of the actual volt. The propulsion method has been tested and placed in only a car. The implementation of the propulsion system in another car will be a great idea.

They are enthusiast for carrying forward with the setting up of the Cadillac Converj. The Converj has been well appreciated by many members of the public while being presented at Detroit for the first time and the Cadillac seems to reserve many more surprises.

The whole concept of the Converj Cadillac appears to be taking an aggressive look but keeping the sense of a luxury car. It bears the features of a sports car with the two large doors. While having a look at the Cadillac Converj, I found it a little weird why the back wheels were larger than the front ones but finally understood the finest tactic from the part of the designers. Just genious but the ones that were going to be sold in the stores would be conventional models. These actual ones will not be the final models. The propulsion system assures a high speed.

Myers Motors NMG 2


It is obvious that the competition in the field on the small sized electric cars is getting tighter and tighter. In reality, there are lots of small electric cars that are under development and yet so many have already seen the light of the day. One of these cars is the NMG and has already been commercialized on the specific market. The most amazing feature is that you will still be able to get along with this car even if it is of smaller size. The driver will be the only person that the car will be able to accommodate. This is actually a disadvantage of the NMG and this is the reason why Myers Motors is working upon a two seat place of the NMG for the motorists.

The NMG2 will bring up a similar model while assuring the performance of the car to stay at the same level. The NMG2 has been relooked compared to the previous NMG. It looks more like a real car that the other one. I believe that it will please everyone for the model is now more class.

The NMG2 has still kept the top speed of 120 km per hour which is simply superb. The acceleration has been well reviewed from a horse power of more than 30. It has been announced by Myers Motors that the battery will be a Lithium Ion one and it has been said that it will be a different one from the NMG model. It seems to hide some surprises within it.

At the time that everyone is waiting impatiently for driving this three wheel car, preorders have already been accepted with a deposit of 250 dollars. Nevertheless, the final price of the NMG2 has not been set and the price still remains unknown. The expected price should be below $22000.