BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Hybrid Turbodiesel


It is sure that the BMW Company has kept some surprises for the forthcoming Frankfurt Motor Show that is being organized by IAA. The Frankfurt Motor Show has actually been scheduled as from the 15th to the 23rd September and of course it will be open to the public. The manufacturers will be at the rendezvous in Monaco for a new revelation. It has been announced by the chairman and CEO of the company, Mr. Helmut Panke, that they will be making the first appearance of their latest hybrid car model, The Vision EficientDynamics concept on that date. What will be different in this particular sports car from the other ones will be its propulsion system. Its energy consumption has proved be really slight and there’s a low CO2 release.

The CEO of BMW has however been brief which depicts clearly that they want it to be a surprise. The real information about this is its latest hybrid will be known in a few days at Monaco. There has been some essential information that has been revealed though.

The propulsion of the car will be accomplished by a diesel engine and in addition two electric engines are present in the car. The Vision EfficientDynamics Concept has been conceived with a turbo diesel engine of three cylinders bringing the car’s horsepower to 163 horses. The two different electric engines will be enclosing 33 horsepower and 80 horsepower respectively. You will be astonished with this model whose horsepower sums up to 356. With all these commodities, the car will easily reach a speed of 100 kilometers within 5 seconds.

The genius who have worked on this piece of wonder are reaching nearer the green world request for they have been able to reduce the CO2 release to a really low percentage which makes less pollution compared to the other cars that already exist. If you take a look at the model of the car, you will instantly fall in love with the model. The model of the car is on one part a picture of a sports car and on the other an elegant one.

The main objectives that have been fulfilled by this particular car have been the low energy consumption for both engines. Once more, the BMW Company has proved more creativity with the recovery of energy while brakes are applied. The fact that the car is equipped with three engines is a great advantage that drivers will have. The consumption of the car has been rounded to 3.7 liters on every 100 kilometers that it will be covering. The car will be recharged within two hours and a half and the owners will not be having too much problem since it can be charged through a conventional wall outlet.