GM Cadillac Coupe Converj

A Great Start For GM Cadillac Coupe Converj As you must have noticed through the news, the US Auto Industry is not making so good money. The reality is that the industry has been hit considerably by the financial crisis and it is not something unexpected that even General Motors would have been a victim … Continue reading "GM Cadillac Coupe Converj"

Myers Motors NMG 2

It is obvious that the competition in the field on the small sized electric cars is getting tighter and tighter. In reality, there are lots of small electric cars that are under development and yet so many have already seen the light of the day. One of these cars is the NMG and has already … Continue reading "Myers Motors NMG 2"

Lumeneo Smera 2010 is coming

The Smera of trademark Lumeno is advancing with an incredible pace since it has been presented as just a simple concept some time before. In reality, the car will be already put on sales during the year 2010 according to the information provided on its official site. Well, you must be thinking of not missing … Continue reading "Lumeneo Smera 2010 is coming"

Audi E-Tron

Frankfurt Reveales Jewel Audi, this particular German car manufacturer, has been making gossips about its designs all over the world since 1899. Many would still remember the famous August Horch who made the first production batch in 1901. So ‘LISTEN’ friends, the revelation has in fact been in Frankfurt. The new model that they presented … Continue reading "Audi E-Tron"

Where Do Electric Cars Go ?

The first electric vehicle will in fact bring us back in 1834. By now it makes already 175 years that the first electric vehicle had been conceived. Nowadays, what is generating so much interest and urge in the production for electric vehicles is the environmental issues. Media is focusing greatly on the global warming aspect … Continue reading "Where Do Electric Cars Go ?"

Volkswagen Polo Blue Motion

Volkswagen which has since long endorsed the birth of an automotive team with Porsche is yet taking orders from Europe for its new Polo Blue Motion in Europe. However, you will find it surprising that the producers as well as the consumers aren’t paying any attention to electric cars. The main focus is providing an eco … Continue reading "Volkswagen Polo Blue Motion"

Get Your Electric Car !

The vehicles that are coming to the surface in the forthcoming years will obviously be different and it is an undisputable point that diesel cars are sure to become extinct. The world is showing a new interest in electric cars and giving more importance to them. It will not take too much time for electric … Continue reading "Get Your Electric Car !"

Lexus LF-CH Hybrid

Lexus is actually a branch of the Toyota Motor Company which has been putting forward a series of concept cars but this time it has been the Lexus LF (Lexus Future)-CH. The car had been exposed at the last motor show in Los Angeles and it was a really disastrous performance that was shown. Well … Continue reading "Lexus LF-CH Hybrid"

Equinox AMP

AMP Equinox. HVH250TM Electric Motors from Remy International.0-60 mph in 8 seconds. Max Speed 90 mph. Electric Range : 150 miles on a single charge.


Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Corp, BAIC.4 Seats. Electric Range: Autonomie : 125 miles. Max Speed : 100 mph. 0 to 60 mph in 15 seconds.