Audi E-Tron


Frankfurt Reveales Jewel

Audi, this particular German car manufacturer, has been making gossips about its designs all over the world since 1899. Many would still remember the famous August Horch who made the first production batch in 1901. So ‘LISTEN’ friends, the revelation has in fact been in Frankfurt. The new model that they presented was amazing. No one will be able so say the contrary. The E-Tron has once more showed that Audi still possesses the same innovative and genius minds to bring new and better car models. The car brought to the eyes of all the people at Frankfurt born passion in the hearts of all these drivers. No one would be surprised if we said technology instead of the Audi trademark. The company really deserves it.

The E-Tron shows itself to be a complete electric car with the best sportive design that drivers could have seen over the previous released electric cars from other companies. In comparison Audi model cars have since long been dominating the market. The car bears 4 electric motors which really makes the difference. Nevertheless, the top speed has been restricted to 200km/h for safety precautions. Its battery shows a storage capacity of approximatively 53 kilowatt hours. Audi has come up with an unexpected electric car that has surprised everyone. This little red piece of jewel’s technology has been funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research and reflects much work.

All the drivers who have looked at the car and its interior design too should be impatiently waiting for the car to get on the road. But there has been no such date that has been specified for its first batch release but it has been heard that its steering wheel will be under the hands by 2012. The features bring the driver to a revolutionary car. It bears an analog speedometer providing more than simple speed information. The Etron bears MMI functions but what is better is its touch sensitive surface for it. That’s simple but ingenious. Its gadgets present in the cockpit section will make the driver addicted.

Well, from what the German company is talking about, it seems that there are lots of surprises to come. It seems that the E-Tron is only part of the whole new range of complete electric cars. It could be that the R8 that they are developing will be at the near end competing directly with the Tesla Roadster. All these remain to be seen.